Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Paper Florist


Hey. Hey, you. Thanks for being here!

I'm Michal and I'm the owner and artist behind this little slice of interweb. I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself and my paper flowers!

I started making paper flowers in preparation of my own wedding which took place in 2015. I ended up making over 1000 paper flowers for my wedding...most of which ended up going home with guests as favors (leaving me with 100 key bottle openers!). The rest, as they say, is history.

Since then, I've provided the florals for hundreds of weddings, sent gifts all over the world, been featured in publications both local and nationally, and been named Favorite Florist in West Michigan. It's still a surreal experience! Surreal and so humbling. Thanks for being here!

The flower-less side of me is less exciting, but since this is an introduction, I better do it right, huh?

I live in Kalamazoo, MI with my husband and son. My husband is my biggest fan and a constant source of support and encouragement. My 14-year-old son pretty much thinks I'm the lamest person on Earth, so I must be doing something right, right? I've also been known to have deep philosophical conversations with my dog and cat. 

I'm a tattoo addict, too. I should probably get that right out of the way: it'll be the first thing you notice if we ever get the chance to chat! Most of my tattoos have special meaning to me, and almost all are literary inspired. 

After that statement, I guess it's pretty obvious I'm a major bookworm and bibliophile! I've always had a love of reading and can happily spend the day out book hunting or curled up in a great story.

I also love video games and art! I have a separate side-hustle of drawing, which you can find on Facebook. I specialize in graphite drawings, but have recently dipped my...brushes? painting and am looking forward to experimenting more with that.

Artist Michal Overholts with her graphite drawings.

Welp. If you've made it all the way down here, your patience and tolerance for introductions have my utmost respect! I hope to update this blog from time to time with updates and project behind-the-scenes peeks. I'm excited to share my flowers with you!

Thanks for being here.




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